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Gieselmann Stanztechnik GmbH – Paper converting in Germany

We offer various products made of one or bothside coated papers. Depending on intended use and application customers can choose between grade A and grade B quality. Beside standard sized like rings, round discs or sheets we offer a wide range of special dimensions, which adapt to your individual needs.

Individuality and wide range of products

We convert silicone coated paper as well as waxed paper, LDPE-films, PET films and many other materials. Generally it is possible to produce sheets of any kind and different materials like rubber, non-woven, laminate etc..

Please send us your inquiry for special dimensions and needs.

Due to our extensive tool - stock we are able to offer a flexible production that saves time and money. Therefore it is possible to offer even small needs of die cutting products to attractive conditions.

Areas of application

Silicone coated papers and films are used for:

  • self-adhesive labels
  • self-adhesive packaging materials like tapes
  • covering of many materials like rubber, non-woven, laminate, cork, leather, plastic etc.
  • protection of insulating material and bitumen
  • and in general for all self-adhesive products and applications.

No Matter if defined release values or low priced alternative – all our products are robust, stable and reliable.

Do you have questions concerning our offer? We are pleased to receive your inquiry.

Gieselmann Stanztechnik GmbH – Your partner for paper converting in Germany